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Soy Protein Concentrate( SPC) is made from high quality NON- GMO defatted soybean meal, the protein content is above 65%( Dry base), we have tumbling type series and injection type series. Tupmbling type SPC have strong emulsibility and high gel strength, used in sausage products; Injection type SPC have advantage of spreading fast, non- caking and no delamination, it is mainly used in vacuum- packed meat, slices of meat to improve taste, yield and reduce products cost.


  • Strong toughness, good chewiness and high rehydration rate,the rehydration rate is 1:4.
  • Protein Content can reach 70%.


The outer is paper-polymer bag, the inner is food grade polythene plastic bag.

Net weight: 20kg/bag

TVP Soy Protein Concentrate Powder Specification

Item/Model NS02(Tumbling type) NS01(Injection type)
Protein(In dry base) ≥68% ≥68%
Moisture ≤10% ≤10%
Ash ≤8% ≤8%
Fat ≤2.0% ≤2.0%
Standard Plate Count ≤30000cfu/g ≤30000cfu/g
Appearance Light yellow or milky white powder Light yellow or milky white powder


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