Shuguang is sticking to the prevention and control of the epidemic

The new round of the epidemic is fierce. This time, the epidemic is most serious in Shanghai, and other cities have also been affected to a greater or lesser extent, with frequent cases. At present, Shanghai Puxi has implemented a regional blockade, all personnel stay at home, and personnel and vehicles can only enter and exit. Cities across Henan have also been affected by the epidemic. In response to this epidemic, the Jiaozuo New Coronary Pneumonia Prevention and Control Headquarters Office issued a prevention and control notice. The heads and employees of Henan Shuguang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. actively responded to the government's arrangements: arrange special personnel to be on duty 24 hours a day, and do a good job in the registration of personnel and vehicles, temperature measurement, and disinfection. Attach great importance to and carefully deploy in-depth epidemic prevention and control work to ensure that the factory works in an orderly manner.

Enter the factory according to the regulations to implement the epidemic prevention policy

All drivers of vehicles entering the factory and their accompanying personnel need to sign the "Wenxian County Industrial Enterprise Vehicle Transportation Epidemic Prevention and Control Commitment Letter" and "Contact List", hold a 48-hour nucleic acid negative certificate, and report to the territory as required to ensure that drivers , accompanying personnel and cargo safety. After verification and verification, the vehicle will be fully disinfected.

Comprehensive elimination and strict prevention and control of the epidemic

Since the beginning of the epidemic, we have always adhered to an active attitude of epidemic prevention, and arranged special personnel to disinfect the factory every day; measured the body temperature of all employees every day, and conducted real-time investigations. Masks; itinerary codes are posted at the card points in the factory area, and people entering the factory are scanned and registered. Those with green codes (registration action track) can pass directly, those with yellow codes can pass with nucleic acid test reports within 48 hours, and those with red codes are classified after verification Implement control measures; all card points are equipped with disinfecting mats and 1-meter safety distance lines; card points are equipped with medical waste trash cans and domestic trash cans, and medical waste and production waste are disinfected and cleaned several times a day.

Allocate materials to build a safe bottom line

Henan Shuguang Technology Co., Ltd. has provided enough anti-epidemic materials to ensure that protective equipment such as masks, disinfectant water, and electronic thermometers are complete, and supervises the project leaders to do all kinds of anti-epidemic work to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control management is in place and the factory is safe in production.

Civilization Festival Sweeping Peaceful Tomb-sweeping Day Holiday

The Ching Ming Festival came as scheduled, and Miss Chun also came with beauty: the flowers bloom like poetry, the greenery is verdant, and as far as the eye can see, there are colorful colors everywhere. I believe that many people want to go out for an outing. If you also have travel plans, please be sure to confirm the local and travel epidemic policies to avoid inconvenience. Those who have no travel plans should exercise more at home to strengthen their immunity.

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